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About Me

Abigail Serbu is a graphic designer from Middletown, DE. She first got into designing in high school, where she took multiple graphic design courses. Her style tends to lean more towards technology based/electronic designs.


Her favorite part about designing is seeing the final product, especially projects that take longer to complete. Comparing what she starts with to what the finished design looks like can be a surprise, and she looks forward to seeing how things look.

After graduation, Abby is going to try and stay as close to home as she can to start with, until she’s comfortable with the job world. She is willing to do all kinds of design work, from advertising to web design to motion graphics.


Much of her inspiration comes from video games, which can be seen in many works. Due to this, Abby hopes to work in a field that allows her to work on the very things that she loves. While that may be far off now, she will always keep that as a goal, and she will work on honing her skills further for when that happens.

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